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You live on a PLANET!?!?!?!?!?!

Okay, so your week may not be the best. Things may not be going exactly as you hoped they would. You may be tired, you may be “ready for the weekend,” you may be waiting for that precious paycheck, or maybe you are just bored with the monotony of the routine.

I admit, I was starting to feel that way last night.

Until, I woke up and saw the sunrise. I mean, the sunrise…think about it. We are literally watching a star give us light and warmth. A STAR.

As humans we overlook everything that is, for things that might, can, or should be.

A classic example of humans’ ignorance of their miraculous situation of existence, is the fact that we go out and buy expensive telescopes to stargaze (and get angry when its cloudy). Or, when it’s in the news, we become obsessed (or at least I do) that the Hubble Telescope caught a picture of another planet.

People, we live ON A PLANET. How much closer do you want to get?

We get warmth and light from a STAR. 

You wake up every day and get to walk around on a planet that just so happens to have been created the perfect distance from the sun. This all made me look at the sun differently, and my life differently.

From now on, to keep my life in perspective, I think I am just going to call it “the star”. That would give star-gazing a whole new meaning. When I think about my life I think I am just going to call it, “the miracle.”

It’s all about perspective, and here are 4 simple thoughts to help with that on this Thursday.

1. You are alive. Scientifically, you had about a 1/400,000,000,000,000 chance of being conceived and existing in your current form as a human being. We should all be walking around astonished at the fact that we are even here, every day we get to be here. Leaving your own situation out of it, the fact that you are breathing air is a miracle – and we all have that in common.

2. There is a 100% chance that you exist. So face the fact that you are here for a reason.

3. We will not last forever. That is a fact. This is the youngest you will ever be in your human form. Today is the last today of your life.

4. You live on a PLANET, in space, in the UNIVERSE!

So, when you say, I am having a bad day, you’re really saying “I am having a bad existence on a planet in the universe.”

Have a great day, you miracle, you!

– Zach

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