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Compelling, evidence-based, and actionable.

My in-person and virtual programs blend science, powerful stories, and practical tools to compel your people to action. All of my topics are customized for your group’s industry and context. Formats for the programs listed below range from a 45-minute keynote to an immersive, multi-hour applied leadership workshop. If you scroll down, I’ve detailed my most requested topics.

Topics include:

  • “The Power and Practices of Purposeful Leadership”
  • “Making Work Meaningful”
  • “Creating a Culture Where Everyone Matters”
  • “Designing a Positive and Purposeful Culture”
  • “Activating The Ingredients of a Thriving Workplace”
  • “Creating a Fear-Free Organization”
  • “Leading with Purpose in Turbulent Times”
  • “Purpose-Driven Change Leadership”

I am also a Certified Virtual Presenter.


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These are some of my most popular speaking topics. I can also customize topics for your industry related to human motivation and fulfillment, meaningfulness, engagement, and organizational culture and leadership development.

Inspire Meaning, Motivation, and Fulfillment

Lead with Purpose

Research finds that people who work with or for a Purposeful Leader are more resilient and higher-performing. Why? When people are connected to purpose, they are four times more likely to be engaged, are more motivated, learn faster and are more fulfilled.

Yet, while 79 percent of leaders rightly think that staying aligned with a central, human-centered reason for being (purpose) is critical to success, just 34 percent say that they enact purpose regularly when making decisions and in their everyday practices when working with their teams.

In this mind-shifting program that redefines leadership, I provide clarity about what purpose is, show how purpose scientifically works to compel people and organizations, and introduce the key research-backed practices of Purposeful Leadership to cultivate fulfilled and resilient lives, teams and organizations.

The Lead with Purpose program has been presented to thousands of people around the world including Fortune 500 executives, front-line workers, healthcare providers, education administrators, governments, entrepreneurs and students.

  1. The science of human fulfillment
  2. What purpose is and how purpose works
  3. How to shift to a purpose-first leadership approach to inspire results
  4. How to design and cultivate a culture of significance and meaningfulness
  5. How to discover and state your personal and organizational purpose
  6. How to activate purpose at the individual, team and organizational levels
  7. How to cultivate a fear-less culture that allows purpose to be delivered
what people are saying
“Thank you for helping us find our purpose.”

– Crocs

“One of the best trainings we’ve ever had. Zach was engaging, relatable and his teachings on purpose are so applicable to strengthening our everyday work experience and connecting our purpose to our mission. This is a training everyone should take.”

– The National Park Service

“You were amazing today and created a perfect setting for what has been an extraordinary day that surpassed my expectations. We appreciate and value every moment you share with us, thank you.”

– Telstra

Create a Culture Where Everyone Matters

Inspire Meaningful Work

Feeling like you matter at work, in school, and in life isn’t a generational preference or “nice to have.” It’s a basic human need and is a critical predictor for motivation, fulfillment, well-being, and inclusion.

Creating mattering is also a skill that leaders, educators, and parents can learn.

In this keynote experience that’s been featured by author Simon Sinek, you will:
  1. Discover the three ingredients for creating mattering at work and why they’re vital for motivation and well-being
  2. Learn practical tools on how to create a culture of significance
  3. Understand how to make people feel noticed, affirmed, and needed every single day
  4. Improve your ability to design and delegate tasks so people clearly see how their contribution matters
  5. Realize the power of connecting people to a bigger purpose
what people are saying
“Zach is truly great at what he does and has had a positive impact on our people’s lives.”

– National Association of Health Underwriters

“Such an energizing session and totally on target. It got me extremely fired up!”

– Moving Worlds Institute

“Thank you for the impact you’ve had on our organization. It was immediate!”

– Associate Staffing


How to Experience Everyday Fulfillment

Eighty-three percent of people in diverse occupations identify that finding meaning in work is a daily top priority, and more than 50 percent of people across numerous occupations and industries indicate they would take a lower paying job for more meaning.

At the same time, compelling research finds that people can actively craft their work as meaningful and connected to a bigger purpose – even in routine tasks.

In the Activate Purpose in Work session, I empower and compel people at the individual, team and leadership level to begin crafting all work as meaningful for themselves and others to feel more fulfilled, engaged and to increase performance.

Activate Purpose in Work is ideal for all-organization meetings and events and is applicable and empowering for any employee type from frontline worker to executive.

  1. The science and practice of building purpose into everyday work
  2. The research on the key factors to experiencing meaningfulness in work
  3. How to connect your job or function with the larger organizational purpose or mission
  4. How to discover your own purpose and connect it to the organization’s purpose
  5. Techniques to craft everyday work as meaningful for yourself and your team
  6. How to respond and handle difficult situations by connecting to purpose
what people are saying
“Zach’s energy is contagious, and all of our attendees were hanging on every word. He provided exactly the type of actionable leadership advice our community needs and craves.”

– Crankset Group

“We are so impressed and wowed by you, your passion, your vision, your style – truly in awe and so grateful that you shared the time with us!

– Vistage Worldwide

“We’ve gotten so much positive praise for Zach’s session.”

– Colorado State University


How to Design a Meaningful Employee Experience

Many initiatives to improve employee engagement fail because they tend to overlook the predictors of engagement – the strongest of which is the experience of meaningfulness. With employee engagement rates remaining strikingly low for nearly a decade, I provide a new way to think about engagement by focusing on cultivating a culture of meaning.

People experience meaningfulness when they (1) feel they are significant, (2) can see how their work fits into a bigger whole, (3) are able to fully utilize their strengths and skills, (4) develop meaningful relationships that add value to their whole lives, and (5) are able participate in a fearless organizational culture.

In Design a Meaningful Employee Experience, I provide key research-backed strategies for intentionally designing and maintaining an employee experience that elicits a sense of meaningfulness to drive motivation and fulfillment, which can result in retention and low turnover.

The Design a Meaningful Employee Experience is ideal for both organizational and team leaders who are the architects of the core processes that impact the daily life of people in the workplace.

  1. The researched factors that predict the experience of meaningfulness in work
  2. How meaningfulness influences motivation, engagement and fulfillment
  3. How to create an environment of mattering
  4. How to design jobs and tasks to maximize fulfillment and motivation
  5. How to cultivate employees’ strengths
  6. How to develop a psychologically safe culture that fosters authentic relationships
  7. How to enact a holistic approach to employee development
what people are saying
“I can now coach my team every day on why we do what we do; wonderful reminder that we all truly have a purpose in all that we do.”

– Veterinary Medical Association

“Zach really dialed in on what makes us tick and how to sustain our true purpose. His sincerity and skill helped us think through the exercises; months later, the results still motivate and refresh us.”

– University of Colorado Health Systems

“Zach is masterful. He makes the important topic of purpose approachable, fun and inspiring.”

– Think2Perform



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College with Purpose

When students have a firm sense of their purpose, research finds they…

  • – Graduate faster
  • – Learn more
  • – Are more likely to reflect on and consider their impact on peers

Through keynotes and workshops for students in various capacities and roles, I take students on an inspiring and exciting journey toward reflecting on, discovering and enacting their own personal purpose (their unique contribution) through their college experience.

Using my own inspiring (and sometimes funny and confusing) personal story of finding purpose after college, mind-shifting research on the benefits of purpose, and compelling stories of the power of living college life with purpose, I’ll show students how they can radically transform their academics, organizations, campus engagement, community service and campus communities by living and leading with purpose. I’ve been most requested for new student orientation, student leader training, leadership retreats, conferences and college orientations.

Zach also works with students on purpose-driven career exploration and development, leadership development, finding purpose and meaningfulness in work after graduation, and life and career visioning.


  • Student leaders
  • Fraternities and sororities
  • Student organizations
  • New college students
  • Community service groups

“I never knew it was possible to have my lifelong thoughts, ideas and fundamental understanding of the purpose of my existence shattered and reconstructed over the course of an hour-long speech.”

– Hannah West, College with Purpose participant


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about Zach

“…a positive organization and leadership development researcher, internationally-acclaimed speaker, and author who helps leaders and organizations thrive with the power of purpose and meaningfulness.”

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