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How to Change the World Overnight: Celebrity Photographer Jeremy Cowart’s Big Idea

Soon you’ll be able to change the world while you sleep. Or at least that’s A-list celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart’s big idea. The Purpose Hotel is a venture started by the photographer and philanthropist to intimately connect travelers to the world’s deepest needs through art; and transform the travel industry while doing it. His second Kickstarter campaign just launched […]

Stop Using the “If, Then” Excuse

Blake Mycoskie, in his book, Start Something that Matters states, “People fear the unknown, but the truth is, everything is unknown by definition – no one really ever knows what they are getting themselves into. People tend to think that they should start something ONLY when they are totally and completely knowledgeable about the field […]

A dog agility test’s lessons on success…

This dog pushed through the barriers of what others told him to do and did what he was meant to do.


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