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I’m Zach

and I believe that every human being is built for purpose, craves meaningfulness, and deserves to be fulfilled in life and work.

I am a New Englander at heart (go Red Sox!), but I have made my way through Virginia, Washington, D.C., and now live in Fort Collins, Colo. with my amazing wife, Erin, two sons, Tapley and Jaxon, and one quirky dog.

I don’t think there is such thing as too much espresso, you can usually find me out on my road bike, I love watching baseball, and I am an obsessive newspaper reader. And yes, I read research articles for fun.

Now, for the professional stuff: 

Through writing, speaking, and consulting, I help cultivate Purposeful Leaders and build positive organizations.

My practice is informed by my work with over 100 organizations in nearly every industry and research on meaningful work, purposeful leadership, and positive organizational psychology. Some of my clients have included Hewlett-Packard, Crocs, Telstra, The National Park Service, and The Alzheimer’s Association. 

My research has been awarded by The Academy of Management, the Association for Talent Development, and the Academy of Human Resource Development.

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I also serve as a researcher and Honorary Fellow of Psychology in the Center for Meaning and Purpose and as an Instructor in Organizational Learning, Performance, and Change at Colorado State University.

I wrote “The Invisible Leader: Transform Your Life, Work, and Organization with the Power of Authentic Purpose” to provide leaders and organizations with the tools to activate their purpose and create cultures where everyone matters.

My writing and thoughts have been featured in outlets such as Forbes, Psychology Today, The Denver Post, The Huffington Post, and Thrive Global. 

I love learning and I’d love to connect with you and see how I might help you or your organization. 

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“…Zach Mercurio, Ph.D. is a purposeful leadership and positive organizational development researcher, sought-after keynote speaker, and author who helps leaders and organizations thrive.”

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