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Turning Purpose into Practice

My workshops and training programs are ideal if you have more time to spend and typically range from two hours to full or multi-day retreats.

In these workshops, my goal is to move people toward developing the new mindsets, behaviors, habits and daily practices necessary to bring the stimulating topics of purpose and meaningfulness to life in a variety of settings.

Each workshop includes an interactive workbook with key exercises and supporting literature.

training & workshops

The Practice of Purposeful Leadership

The Practice of Purposeful Leadership workshop is an exciting, immersive and hands-on experience that equips leaders with the research-backed skills and practices to craft and deliver a purpose-first leadership philosophy.

This session is ideal for individual leaders as well as leadership, executive teams and people with the influence to architect culture.

  • Having a strong sense of their own purpose and moral compass
  • Adopt a purpose-first mindset
  • Engage a wide stakeholder community in a common purpose
  • Consider the human impact as part of everyday decision-making
  • Cultivate fulfilling and enriching environments
  • Cast and contribute to setting a compelling vision
  • Learn how to develop a compelling individual and organizational purpose statements
  • Learn the science and practice of purpose in leadership
  • Learn the science of human fulfillment and motivation
  • Strategize how to build purpose into their leadership approach
  • Uncover and codify key values and behavioral indicators of purpose
  • Learn the practical skills of:
    • Story-telling and story-collecting
    • Building emotional commitment on a team
    • Connecting the team’s work with purpose through delegation, feedback, and
    • Communicating with purpose
    • Developing a team vision rooted in purpose delivery
what people are saying
“…I’d spent months trying to give my team better challenges and to boost their morale. We talked about “the why” all the time and were still working hard, but something about the way Zach taught the practices of purposeful leadership resonated. I rounded up copies of Zach’s book, asked the team to read it before our summer retreat, and booked Zach to facilitate. Zach arrived with materials and activities customized to our industry and team and really dialed in on what makes us tick and how to sustain our true purpose. His sincerity and skill helped us think through the exercises; months later, the results still motivate and refresh us.”

-University of Colorado Health System

“I can new coach my team every day on why we do what we do; wonderful reminder that we all truly have a purpose in all that we do.”

-Participant, Veterinary Medical Association

“One of the best trainings we’ve ever had. Zach was engaging, relatable and his teachings on purpose are so applicable to strengthening our everyday work experience and connecting our purpose to our mission. This is a training everyone should take.”

-The National Park Service

training & workshops

Work with Purpose

The Working with Purpose session is designed to equip people with the research-backed skills and practices to craft work as purposeful and shift to a purposeful mindset. This workshop is highly hands-on and provides immediately applicable tools. Participants will leave with a plan to actively construct their approach to work from a perspective of purpose.

This session is ideal for teams and individuals.

  • Learn researched benefits of building purpose into everyday work
  • Be able to connect everyday tasks to the organizational purpose
  • Learn the research-backed practices to crafting meaning into daily work
  • Learn and practice techniques to combat personal burnout using purpose
  • Practice the essential skills to a build and maintain a purposeful work environment in times of stress and change
  • Collect and share stories of meaning and mattering to build a stronger team
training & workshops

Discover and Activate Your Purpose

In the Discover and Activate Your Purpose workshop, participants will learn what purpose is and how it works to produce more lasting fulfillment and performance. Through interactive exercises, participants will experience the power of purpose by engaging in the key research-backed practices to discovering, clarifying and activating the “why” in their academics, their current jobs and through their careers.

This workshop has the option to use PurposeMatch, a psychometricalIy-reliable assessment that helps users craft a personal purpose statement.

The Discover and Activate Your Purpose workshop is ideal for anyone at any stage in life or occupation.

  • Be able to describe what purpose is, how purpose works and the benefits of shifting to a purpose-first mindset
  • Be able to identify where purpose comes from
  • Be able to reflect on their life journey to identify key Purpose Resources: Strengths
  • Be able to identify how they want to make an impact both locally and globally
  • Describe how their unique strengths can help them make their unique impact
  • Develop a crafted purpose statement that can be used to guide their current and future experiences
  • Develop a plan to activate purpose through aligning core values and behaviors
  • Identify purposeful possibilities in multiple life domains
training & workshops

Other Training Programs


I’m trained in facilitating a scenario-based approach to strategic planning that engages stakeholders in developing an actionable plan for multiple possible futures.


Learn how to design customer/user experiences to express organizations purpose.


Learn how to navigate complex change by being grounded in purpose.

about Zach

“…a positive organizational and leadership development researcher, internationally-acclaimed speaker, and author who helps leaders and organizations thrive with the power of purpose and meaningfulness.”

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