Free Companions & Supplements to The Invisible Leader

Free Tools Discover Your Purpose and Lead Purposefully

Thank you for reading my book, “The Invisible Leader: Transform Your Life, Work, and Organization with the Power of Authentic Purpose.”

The following tools are meant to be a supplement to help you discern how your unique strengths make a unique impact.

Individual Purpose Discovery Workbook

This workbook is an individual companion to “The Invisible Leader” and includes several exercises that will help you both “see” and state your purpose, but more importantly, it will help you build your brain muscle to start thinking more purposefully, which is where the magic happens.

Purpose Statement Exercise

Reflect on your passions + talents + impact and state a purpose statement or guide others to do state theirs.

Printable Purpose Statement Template

Print your purpose statement, look at it every morning and every night for 5 minutes. Or, read it anytime you feel stressed or lost.

You matter.

Purposeful Leadership Self-Assessment

This is a helpful self assessment that helps you determine the leadership behaviors that create purposeful organizations and cultures.

If you’d like private coaching on any of the above exercises, please contact Zach at