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Why The Best Leaders Aren’t People: The Charisma of Purpose

[bctt tweet=”The best leaders aren’t people.” username=”ZachMercurio”] Instead, innovative and emerging research shows that a compelling and other-centered authentic purpose – “the invisible leader” – may be the most powerful influencer of our behaviors, attitudes, and motivation in organizations, work, school, and life. Here’s how it works. The Power of the Invisible Leader The University … Read more

The future doesn’t exist, so why are you worrying about it?

Today’s a good day because it’s another day. An MIT physicist, Dr. Edward Farhi, said of the future in a 2012 interview with CNN… “The past exists as memory,” Farhi says. We have books, we have movies, and we have memories. The past exists in the present because it has an imprint on the present, … Read more

One second…

As humans we have a tendency to overlook the small things in life that, when added together, create what we see, feel, and experience. For example, when we look to the west here in Colorado, we rarely say, “wow, the geologic forces that facilitated the erosion of that landscape into those tiny sediments really created … Read more