I may be a “content expert,”

but you are the context expert.

My approach to consulting with organizations – ranging from small teams to large organizations – is built on collaborative generation. I believe, and research indicates, that organizational culture, behavior, design, and leadership can’t be prescribed; they must be generated together.

Therefore, I make sure I take the time to come to know you, the human beings who make up your organization, and the context through which you and your people are living and working.

My consulting services are based on the latest positive organizational psychology and leadership research.

I can help with: 

  • Cultivating mattering, meaning, and engagement in work
  • Positive and purposeful leadership development
  • Activating organizational and individual purpose
  • Designing and implementing positive and purposeful organizational cultures
  • Assessing employee engagement, commitment, motivation, and fulfillment
  • Optimizing organizational culture for experienced meaningfulness 
  • Purpose-driven educational consulting
  • Purpose-driven career development consulting 

Let’s talk about how I might be able to help.

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Additional Consulting Services

Zach also offers an array of customized solutions, including: 

  • Organizational Identity Development
  • Management and Leadership Team Development
  • Performance Issue Diagnosis
  • Culture Diagnosis
  • Frontline Worker Development
  • Scenario Planning
  • Change and Crisis Leadership Support and Development