I may be a “content expert,”

but you are the context expert.

My approach to consulting with organizations – ranging from small teams to large organizations – is built on collaborative generation. I believe, and research indicates, that organizational culture, behavior, design, and leadership can’t be prescribed, they must be generated together.

Therefore, I make sure I take the time to come to know you, the human beings who make up your organization, and the context through which you and your people are living and working.

My consulting services are based on the latest positive organizational psychology and leadership research.

I can help with: 

  • Positive and purposeful leadership development
  • Activating organizational and individual purpose
  • Designing and implementing positive and purposeful organizational cultures
  • Assessing employee engagement, commitment, motivation, and fulfillment
  • Optimizing organizational culture for experienced meaningfulness 
  • Purpose-driven educational consulting
  • Purpose-driven career development consulting 

Scroll down to learn more about my approach to designing and activating a Purposeful Organization and my approach in designing and implementing a Positive and Purposeful Culture. 

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The Path to a Purposeful Organization

The path to purpose:

Phase 1:

Discover Purpose

Every organization has a reason for existence. The nature of this reason, however, is not always clear, compelling and effective in engaging and empowering stakeholders who want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

I help organizations develop a clear, authentic compelling purpose that resonates with their stakeholder communities.

Phase 2:

Clarify Purpose

Many organizations have a healthy, symbolic understanding or intellectual knowledge of their purpose. However, a clear purpose is one that is believed at every level of the organization and permeates every mindset, behavior and process.

I help organizations embed the shared language and belief in the purpose at the organizational, group and individual level.

Phase 3:

Align Purpose

Understanding in detail how your organization’s purpose is enacted at every level is critical. In many instances, there can be a gap between communicated (branded) purpose and what is happening at the individual, group and process levels of the organization. Purpose consistency is the integrity of a purpose.

I help organizations develop meaningful work cultures, clear values and accountability structures to stay “on-purpose.”

Phase 4:

Deliver Purpose

No one cares why your organization exists unless you prove it through every channel, every day. Perhaps the most overlooked part of purposeful organizational design is the delivery systems of the purpose.

I help organizations intentionally design and implement experiences that create a consistent connection to purpose and meaningfulness through internal culture design and external stakeholder experience design. 

Design and Activate a Positive and Purposeful Culture

Zach uses a three-phase process and his Purposeful Culture Assessment & Blueprint tool to help you design, implement and assess a positive and purposeful organizational culture.

Culture is the medium through which an organization’s Purpose is delivered.

A Positive and Purposeful Culture is a designed and sustained system of beliefs, values, symbols, behaviors, and habits that cultivates wellbeing to enable the delivery of an organization’s Purpose.


Research finds positive cultures cultivate positive meaning (Meaningful), positive emotions (Positive), positive relationships (Connected), and psychological safety (Fear-Free).


People know how they and their work matters. People know how their work impacts other people, can see how their daily work enables a bigger purpose, and know how they can use their unique strengths to do the work.


People regularly experience more positive emotions than negative emotions. Positive emotions such as gratitude, joy, hope, pride, and inspiration are elicited through strategic practices.


People experience high-quality, trusting relationships.


Everyone believes that they will not be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes.

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Additional Consulting Services

Zach also offers an array of customized solutions, including: 

  • Organizational Identity Development
  • Management and Leadership Team Development
  • Performance Issue Diagnosis
  • Culture Diagnosis
  • Frontline Worker Development
  • Scenario Planning
  • Change and Crisis Leadership Support and Development

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