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Stop Making “Purpose” a Fad: 3 Signs You Really Don’t Know What Purpose Is

With all of the talk, LinkedIn blog posts, and Forbes’ articles about Millennials needing purpose at work, “purpose” itself seems to be losing its alluring and existentially-critical luster. Purpose is becoming a business fad. This is sad. This is dangerous. Especially, if we don’t know what purpose really means. This is why I believe it …

A Simple Formula for Inspiring Teams

Why is greater than how and both are greater than what. This simple formula can transform leaders and organizations. Applying this formula to every process from on-boarding to training to performance evaluations has changed every team I have worked with. When people come into your organization do you ask them why they exist? Do you …

You Are a Customer Service Expert Because You are a Human

  Customer service is a $92 billion industry and is outsourced faster than almost anything else as an organization grows. Consultants make thousands per day to “teach” people customer service. Why? After all, customers are who we all are – humans – right? Disturbingly, maybe not. Because when I ask people, “What is a customer?” …


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