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The Purple Butterfly Effect: 1 Belief That Can Transform Leaders

This past semester, I was listening to my inspiring students’ final projects for a class I teach called “Leading with Authentic Purpose” which focuses on re-framing leadership as a deeply personal, existential process. The final assignment charged each student to deeply reflect and present a 5-minute talk on why they exist, how they would deliver …

3 Ways to Stay Calm in Any Situation

Imagine for a moment that you were ripped away from your current reality. Torn from your family, your friends, and every thing that mattered to you in the world and forced into a dark, cold place filled with death, disrespect, and torture. It was in this chilling place that Viktor Frankl, a holocaust survivor and …

How to Find Purpose in Any Job Today

Actively seeking and finding purpose in your job (any job) can make you happier in the place where you likely spend five-sevenths of your waking life. And that’s not all. Research shows that when people feel a sense of purpose at work, they are more satisfied, more committed to their organization, feel more motivated, and …


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