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Why Don’t Some Leaders Care? 5 Barriers to Caring at Work and How to Overcome Them

Why leaders don't care. 5 Barriers to caring at work.

There’s no shortage of “be caring” advice for leaders — and for a good reason. Surveys show that about 50% of people don’t feel valued at work, almost 30% feel “invisible,” and just 24% think their employer cares about their well-being. For organizations, the caring deficit is consequential. Feeling disrespected and undervalued can be almost ten times more predictive of turnover than … Read more

How to Create Mattering at Work

Mattering at Work Zach Mercurio

Last month, the U.S. Surgeon General named “mattering at work” a top priority for improving mental health. The announcement reaffirms what we’ve known for many years: Mattering and well-being are inseparable, especially where humans spend 35% of their waking lives. The official call to prioritize mattering at work is the culmination of several conspiring forces … Read more

To Become a Better Leader, Change the Way You See People


When my second son was born, he didn’t open his eyes. The nurse told us it was normal; some newborns take longer to part their eyelids. Through excited and exhausted anxiety, I believed her. But by the third day, we hadn’t looked into Jaxon’s distinct green eyes. We started making appointments with specialists. Jax is … Read more