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What Every Leader Should Know About Purpose

This post was originally featured as part of the Career Leadership Collective. Do you and your team know your purpose or do you believe it? Understanding the difference is critical to building a purposeful team. You’ve most likely heard this story before. John F. Kennedy was about to give a huge speech to inspire the nation […]

The 5 Sins of ‘Whywashing:’ How to Stop Misusing Purpose

Its psychological power to inspire and compel is clear. But just like anything inherently good, humans will find a way to misuse it for quick material gain. We can learn from what big business did to sustainability in the 2000s. Like purpose, being “green” was a key value for both consumers and employees. Taking care of the world we live in? […]

Why You Should Stop Doing Everything

Last week I did it and it was amazing. It felt like a drug I tried for the first time. Not that I’ve even tried a drug for the first time. Here’s the story. I still can’t believe I actually did it. On the day I did it I had “a day” as they say. […]

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