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Think Millennials Are Purpose-Driven? Meet Generation Z

The newest generation to enter the workforce, Generation Z, should be called “The Purpose Generation.” In a large study of over 2,000 respondents released earlier this month, researchers found that “…for the first time, we see a generation prioritizing purpose in their work.” While ample research finds Millennials are driven by growth, a balanced lifestyle, and security, […]

The Science of Mattering: Why Purpose Isn’t Optional

Purpose is not optional, but awakening it is. You and whatever you do in your life, work, or organization has an inevitable, far-reaching consequence on the world. The key mindset shift to living and leading with purpose is taking responsibility for that inevitable consequence on others’ lives, to believe that you and what you do matters. In organizations, that means […]

A Results Mindset vs. A Purposeful Mindset

“When you live by results, you die by results,” a good friend once told me in graduate school. And in my work with people and organizations, I’ve seen it time and time again. The university student who rests their own self-worth and “success” on achieving a grade, getting into a prestigious graduate school, or landing […]

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