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Why it Pays to Find Your Company’s Global Purpose


Co-authored with Paula Miquelis, Senior Project Manager & Laura Allen, Founder at Gone Adventurin.   [bctt tweet=”There is a human being at the end of every company’s supply chain.” username=”ZachMercurio”] And here is something most can agree on: Our planet is suffering. The list of societal and environmental problems seems endless. Hunger, poverty, inequality, war, water scarcity, climate … Read more

Here are 6 Things “Purpose” is NOT


Six years ago Simon Sinek’s TED Talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” took the internet by storm. And while the talk’s content was and is compelling, its internet virality and resulting 28.3 million viewers was revealing of our society and workplaces: People are yearning more than ever for personal and work lives that have an inspiring purpose. People want … Read more