Today’s a good day because it’s another day.

An MIT physicist, Dr. Edward Farhi, said of the future in a 2012 interview with CNN

“The past exists as memory,” Farhi says. We have books, we have movies, and we have memories. The past exists in the present because it has an imprint on the present, but the future doesn’t.

If the future as no imprint on the present, and therefore doesn’t exist, why do we spend so much of our waking lives worrying and obsessing about it?

When, in reality, there is every true reason to focus on the present. As Garth Stein writes in his book, The Art of Racing in the Rain, “That which we manifest is before us.” What we create right now, and in the next second, ultimately adds up to what we experience in “the future.”

By spending most of our present lives obsessing about the future, a space that doesn’t exist, our lives become about as useful as if we thought we were Peter Pan. While it is healthy to fantasize about the future and to set important goals, if that’s the only space we live within, our progress to those fantasies and goals go nowhere.

The only space and time that suffers from our lack of attention on the present, is, you guessed it, the yet-to-be-created future.

Is what you are doing in this second creating the future you desire?

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, are you fully there?

I believe we’re put where we are for a reason bigger than anyone of us can imagine.

“Wherever I’m going, I’m already home, living in the moment.” – Jason Mraz

– Zach