As humans we have a tendency to overlook the small things in life that, when added together, create what we see, feel, and experience.

For example, when we look to the west here in Colorado, we rarely say, “wow, the geologic forces that facilitated the erosion of that landscape into those tiny sediments really created an amazing mountain.” No, we typically say, “wow those mountains are amazing.”

The same is true when we look at our lives. We perceive that our reputations are hinged upon some major life achievement, some grand project, initiative, trip, or philanthropy. By focusing on these singular, large goals as the creators of our reputations we overlook the small moments in life that truly create who we are and what are reputations and legacies truly are.

Let’s take a look at what can happen in just one second of time, that we so often overlook:

  • The earth receives 48,600,000,000 kw of energy form the sun (1 kw =1,000 w, a normal light bulb is 60 w) in one second.
  • 2.4 babies are born (lives are started!) in one second.
  • If the scientifically estimated 15,000,000,000 years of space were scaled down to one year, the entire history of humankind is one second.
I believe that our reputations are ultimately measured by the average of the sum of how you live each second of your life. Today, you will get 86,400 of them.

Pay attention to each. How are you living your life in these small moments?

Each one matters. Right now matters.

Have a good Thursday!

– Zach