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3 Steps to Create a More Meaningful Workplace

“…given a choice, most people would prefer that their work reflect their calling and believe their work makes the world a better place. Those without a calling have a job where they ‘enjoy little discretion and experience minimal engagement or meaning’” – Barry Schwartz Understanding what makes work meaningful to you and the people you […]

Want to Be Happier at Work? Forget About Yourself

“In fact, it is a constitutive characteristic of being human that it always points, and is directed, to something other than itself.” – Viktor Frankl It was a bitter northern Colorado winter day last December. The kind of day when college students wait for that magical e-mail letting them know class is cancelled. It never […]

What Happens When You Ask Millennials to Jump

I suppose it’s time for me to weigh in on the “here come the Millennials” craze. First, it’s important to let you know that I don’t particularly subscribe to generational theory. I tend to think it’s just another faddish mechanism to sell books and try to force complex human beings into neat little boxes for […]


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