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One second…

As humans we have a tendency to overlook the small things in life that, when added together, create what we see, feel, and experience. For example, when we look to the west here in Colorado, we rarely say, “wow, the geologic forces that facilitated the erosion of that landscape into those tiny sediments really created … Read more

When things go wrong…

“When things go wrong, don’t go with them.” – Elvis Presley When you are living and working purposefully and relentlessly pursuing your dreams, you are going to fail. When you do, how do you react? Where does your mind go first? When you are at work and something isn’t as you would want it to … Read more

A New Definition of Success: Find Your Need

Last night, in the middle of a talk I was giving on living with authentic purpose, a student in the audience asked me, …”but Zach… where do I even start!?” I suppose I did not start the talk on a light note. Right before this question was asked, I had suggested that we should all … Read more