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Avoid New Year ‘Neurosis:’ How to Set a Clear Personal Vision for 2017

As the anticipatory rush of the holiday season ends, we make our collective trek back home to normalcy. The family and friends who provided us distraction and entertainment leave our houses silenced. And as we slip back into our regular lives a certain internal silence also settles in. For many, it’s a silence that’s filled with mental noise of hope or apprehension for a new year. Thoughts that …

A Weird Question to Help You Find Out What You’re Really Good At

In a class I teach on purposeful leadership I ask my students to keep a journal for three weeks. Each night the students are challenged to reflect on the day and list what they loved doing, what they were good at, and what improvements they wanted to make to the world. I’ve taught this class for …

Answering the Call: What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

If you are human, then you’ve felt it. That stirring inside and the nagging feeling of being just slightly enough out of place in the world to grab your frenzied attention. Sometimes it arises as the inexplicable need to explore and escape the routine. Or the almost sudden realization that your career, college major, or …


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