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How to Transform Your Boring Routines (and Your Life)

The way to transform your life and the world may be right in front of you. The year was 1975. A man by the name of Gary Dahl was at a bar with some friends when the conversation turned to complaining about pets – the hair, the waste cleanup, the costs. Struggling in business and feeling […]

How to Change the World in 2016

How have you changed the world today? If your response is silence, a slight shrug, or an “I don’t know!” you are like me and the thousands of people, young and old, I have asked this question to. My favorite response to this quintessential human question came from a college student during a keynote who was sitting in the […]

The Time is Always Now: Introducing ZachMercurio.com

I am excited to announce that I am officially launching a new website: www.ZachMercurio.com Why? …to inspire individuals and organizations to deliver their purpose in the world. How? By using my practical experiences in building purpose-driven, effective, and transformational teams, cultures, and organizations inspired by my training and education in organizational learning, performance, and change. […]


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