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Want to Be Happier at Work? Forget About Yourself

“In fact, it is a constitutive characteristic of being human that it always points, and is directed, to something other than itself.” – Viktor Frankl It was a bitter northern Colorado winter day last December. The kind of day when college students wait for that magical e-mail letting them know class is cancelled. It never … Read more

Ditch the Mission Statement: 3 Ways to Create a Purpose-Oriented Team

It may be time to ditch the traditional mission statement. In the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary “The Gospel According to Mac.” The film tells the story of the University of Colorado’s inspiring 1990 football National Championship run. While sports metaphors tend to be tired and overdone in motivational conference keynote speeches, this story is markedly … Read more

You Are a Customer Service Expert Because You are a Human

  Customer service is a $92 billion industry and is outsourced faster than almost anything else as an organization grows. Consultants make thousands per day to “teach” people customer service. Why? After all, customers are who we all are – humans – right? Disturbingly, maybe not. Because when I ask people, “What is a customer?” … Read more