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A Short Guide to Believing in Yourself: 5-Minute Read

In 1972, holocaust survivor and psychiatrist Viktor Frankl delivered a powerful talk to the Toronto Youth Corps in which he offered up the most important gift we can give others: To believe in what they can be. He said it better than I could ever write it: “If we take man as he really is, we make […]

4 Life-Changing Lessons My Toddler Taught Me

When my son was three months old, he taught me more about life in five minutes than I had learned in 32 years. I published my original post on this story here but that moment made me look at my son differently. I had the pedal to the floor trying to be the best PhD student, […]

3 Steps to Create a More Meaningful Workplace

“…given a choice, most people would prefer that their work reflect their calling and believe their work makes the world a better place. Those without a calling have a job where they ‘enjoy little discretion and experience minimal engagement or meaning’” – Barry Schwartz Understanding what makes work meaningful to you and the people you […]


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