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A Simple Formula for Inspiring Teams

Why is greater than how and both are greater than what.

This simple formula can transform leaders and organizations.

Applying this formula to every process from on-boarding to training to performance evaluations has changed every team I have worked with.

When people come into your organization do you ask them why they exist? Do you connect their own personal vision for their lives with the organizational purpose?

When you are evaluating an employee performance problem, do you ask:

  • Is this a what issue? No?
  • Then, is this a how issue? No?
  • Could, then, this be a “why” issue?

In my experience, most performance problems are rooted in a lack of understanding or belief in the why of whatever someone is working on or towards.

Try it. Apply this formula to every process with your team. I will venture to say that “why” almost always is the solution of last resort.

Putting it first transforms.


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