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The 4 Signs of Purpose Misalignment Every Leader Should Know

“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” – Carl Jung Wells Fargo clearly made purpose alignment a stated priority in the preamble to its vision and values statement: “We believe in values lived, not phrases memorized. If you want to learn how strong a company’s ethics are, don’t listen to what their […]

Authentic purpose as a successful business strategy…

I talk about personal purpose and the power of asking “why” before anything else often, but I wanted to do some digging and see if that truly can translate into profitability within the business realm. What I found in my first inquiry is telling. Consistently rated a top U.S. airline in terms of profits, customer […]

Two reasons your staff is disengaged…

Have you ever had trouble getting your  staff members to volunteer for something? Are your staff members “timesheet-ers”? Do you find yourself sitting in your office saying, “What is wrong with my team?” or “Why don’t they just pay attention?” or “Why don’t they know this is important?” If so, you are not alone. Most […]


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