“To sum up Zach Mercurio in one word, he is transformational.”

Strengths + Impact = Purpose

Whenever you use your strengths to make a positive impact on another human being, you’re on-purpose. I work one-on-one with a limited number of clients at any level to develop self-awareness of strengths, energizers and purpose to scale their impact.

My Process

I use a unique combination of scientifically-validated tools to help guide clients toward an understanding of their unique purpose and the ways in which they can activate that purpose through their careers, leadership roles and lives.

I am certified and lead the global learning and development initiative for PurposeMatch™, an assessment that connects the science of Strengths (your Purpose Resources) with identifying your desired Impact on human beings around you (your Purpose Results).

The outcome is a compelling purpose statement and a plan to activate it. I then utilize StrengthScope™ to further dig into your unique energizers to ensure you’re bringing your best to your work and life to make your purpose come to life.

I recommend starting with a three-month coaching relationship that focuses on:

Month 1

Purpose (Re) Discovery

Developing self-awareness of strengths and desired impact to craft a unique purpose statement.

Month 2

Purpose Alignment

Developing a set of core values or guardrails that keep you in alignment with your purpose.

Month 3

Purpose Activation

Developing Key Purpose Behavioral Indicators, a cadence of accountability, and effective ways to execute your purpose in your leadership role, work, school or life.

  *I also offer leadership development coaching as well as organizational and corporate coaching packages.

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