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4 Life-Changing Lessons My Toddler Taught Me

When my son was three months old, he taught me more about life in five minutes than I had learned in 32 years. I published my original post on this story here but that moment made me look at my son differently. I had the pedal to the floor trying to be the best PhD student, …

How to Change the World in 5 Minutes

What if, in five minutes, you could envision how you authentically change the world? On the surface, most people have no problem buying into the idea of the “ripple effect;” the proposition that any small act can alter the world forever. In fact, many people find the idea so emotionally satisfying that Hollywood has made hugely …

How Your Anxiety Can Make You a Better Leader

I can do it. I know I can do it. I do it every day. Wait, do I feel nauseous? Do I have a stomach bug? Oh, God, if I have a stomach bug I am going to be laid up for a week. I have so much to do. Am I going to be …


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