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Today I met with a young student who was interested in interviewing me for a documentary. While breaking the ice, I asked, “So, why are you a journalism major?” She paused. “Well, I’ve always wanted to make documentary films and tell stories to the world…,” she began excitedly. [“Great!” I thought,  “She’ll be wonderf…] “…but,” … Read more

What do you want in a job?

In a leadership development class I teach for sophomores in college, I asked students to respond to a simple question. The wisdom in their answers is deafening. As their future organizations, are we listening? What do you want in a job? “Why would I do things to fill a resume when I can do things to … Read more

What is Your Higher Organizational Purpose?

Higher Organizational Purpose

What is your higher organizational purpose? Recently, I was a part of a working group at a university. The goal: to define faculty, staff, and student expectations of behavior toward one another – a compelling and important task. As the group began brainstorming values of the organization to start coming up with expectations, I asked, “How … Read more