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Take Some Time for Yourself: Solitude vs. Loneliness

Backpacking in the Rahwah Wilderness, Colorado. Take some time for yourself. It could help you build authentic community…sound crazy? There is a difference between being lonely and finding solitude. I have come to learn that finding solitude can actually facilitate the discovery of truth, faith, authenticity, and inspiration. The following was actually taken from a …

Walk with no direction. Live in the present.

Just dug out an unpublished 2008 blog post! Enjoy! March, 2008 Have you ever gone outside and taken a walk; and just walked? I’m not talking about walking to work, class, or to the grocery store, I am talking about just walking with no destination, time-contraints, or agenda. I think everyone, especially in today’s world …

Did you miss your “magic moment” today? Finding purpose in the mundane.

A lot of times our routines can take us over. They can serve as clouds that cover the possibilities of the existence you who are reading this has been blessed with. Whether in our personal lives, in our jobs, organizations,  and in our relationships, we begin to let patterns and the natural momentum of things …

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