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Look at your life differently: The “Pet Rock” story…

The Story In 1975 a man by the name of Gary Dahl was at a bar with some friends. A seemingly mundane and superficial conversation surrounding the usual complaints of pet owners began, and Dahl obligatorily listened. Struggling in business, and feeling desperate, Dahl made a decision few of us do that night in 1975; … Read more

“You will never be as young as you are today…”

Me “snowshoeing ” in Rocky Mountain National Park, 2010 Hi everyone, I stopped at a coffee shop and got a bottle of iced tea today. It was actually called “Kombucha”; I’ve never had it but what the heck I thought I would try something new. And on the bottle was this fantastic quote from Rand Rusher, an … Read more

The “Tuesday Three”: Finding Your Story

Good morning! Everybody, including me, always asks, “So, what is your passion?” That sounds great, but if you were like me for the last few years, I HAD NO IDEA WHERE TO START. Finding your passion all starts with finding YOUR story. Being honest with yourself about what it is that you truly care about. … Read more

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