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Finding Yourself Through Pain

Happy Wednesday. I believe that our seemingly disparate day-to-day life experiences, if taken careful note of, intersect in the most amazing ways which can uncover profound meaning. I am currently reading and finishing the amazing biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a Christian pastor who stood up to Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich, and who stood … Read more

What is your “moon mission”?

Okay, back to blogging. Look for a new post every Wednesday. Thank you to friends and family for holding me accountable for writing down what is sloshing around in my brain, and what often comes out only sporadically in my speeches and presentations… Enough about me, let’s talk about you. You are not measured by … Read more

Authentic purpose as a successful business strategy…

I talk about personal purpose and the power of asking “why” before anything else often, but I wanted to do some digging and see if that truly can translate into profitability within the business realm. What I found in my first inquiry is telling. Consistently rated a top U.S. airline in terms of profits, customer … Read more