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You Are a Customer Service Expert Because You are a Human

  Customer service is a $92 billion industry and is outsourced faster than almost anything else as an organization grows. Consultants make thousands per day to “teach” people customer service. Why? After all, customers are who we all are – humans – right? Disturbingly, maybe not. Because when I ask people, “What is a customer?” … Read more


Today I met with a young student who was interested in interviewing me for a documentary. While breaking the ice, I asked, “So, why are you a journalism major?” She paused. “Well, I’ve always wanted to make documentary films and tell stories to the world…,” she began excitedly. [“Great!” I thought,  “She’ll be wonderf…] “…but,” … Read more

What do you want in a job?

In a leadership development class I teach for sophomores in college, I asked students to respond to a simple question. The wisdom in their answers is deafening. As their future organizations, are we listening? What do you want in a job? “Why would I do things to fill a resume when I can do things to … Read more

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