Building Purposeful Organizations to Inspire meaningful work

Using the latest psychological and organizational development research on organizational purpose, culture, and performance, Zach uses the below framework to offer solutions for organizations and teams of any size and type to awaken, clarify, and deliver their authentic purpose. 

Purpose Awakening

Every organization that exists on the planet has a reason for existence. The nature of this reason, however, is not always clear, compelling, and effective in engaging and empowering stakeholders who want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. 

Zach helps organizations awaken their authentic purpose through: 

  • Purpose Discovery Dialogue Process and Workshops
  • Local and Global Purpose and Impact Identification 
  • Employee Narratives
  • Customer/User Narratives

Purpose Clarity

Many organizations have a healthy, symbolic understanding or intellectual knowledge of their purpose. However a clear purpose is one that is believed at every level of the organization and permeates every mindset, behavior, and process.

To assess and develop purpose clarity Zach works with the organization through:

  • A Participative Purpose Statement Development Process
  • Purposeful Organizational Culture Audit/Assessment
  • Cultivating the 3 Research-Backed Beliefs of Purposeful Teams
  • Leadership Development and Coaching 
  • Supervisor Development and Coaching

Purpose Consistency

Understanding in detail how your organization's purpose is enacted at every level is critical. In many instances, there can be a gap between communicated (branded) purpose and what is happening at the individual, group, and process levels of the organization. Purpose consistency is the integrity of a purpose.

To help maintain purpose consistency, Zach works with organizations to: 

  • Align Core Values and Guiding Ethical Principles 
  • Ensure Purpose-Practice Alignment Through Documenting Workplace Expertise
  • Hiring, On-Boarding, and Continuing People Development
  • Marketing Alignment

Purpose Delivery

No one cares why your organization exists unless you prove it through every channel, every day. Perhaps the most overlooked part of purposeful organizational design is the delivery systems of the purpose. 

Purpose delivery is accomplished by:

  • Building a Meaningful Workplace
  • Purposeful Stakeholder Experience Design
    • Internal/External
  • Purposeful Customer Interfacing
  • Building Emotional Employee Commitment
  • Purposeful Storytelling
  • Purpose-Aligned Branding and Marketing Strategy
  • Purposeful Scenario/Futures Planning
  • Purpose Immersion Exercises 


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